What We Do…

Since 1991 Tippland Horticulture has been catering for the gardeners every need and is now one of the main market leaders in the Horticultural industry. Tippland Horticulture harvest, manufacture, package and distribute peat and compost to retailers and professional growers nationwide and overseas.

Over 22 Years in business, servicing nurseries, Garden Centers, landscapers, hardwares and local authorities in Ireland and the UK

Irish Moss Peat Range

100% Irish Sphagnum Moss peat. Irish Moss Peat is available in 3 grades: Fine medium and coarse grade. Can be used for raising levels of beds and borders, ,as a growing medium when fertiliser is added, as a soil improver, weed suppresser and for repairing divots in lawns. Available in 200ltr and 100ltr bales, 3 cubic metre tote bag and bulk loads.Read more

Compost Range

Each Compost has been carefully enhanced with essential nutrient and trace elements to produce a rich growing medium, for healthier foliage and flowers. “Resulting in healthier happier plants” Tippland use 100% Irish moss peat in there compost range . All of our compost are 100% Guaranteed Irish and carry the Guaranteed Irish symbol.Read more

Bark Mulch Range

Our Natural decorative Bark mulch is 100% guaranteed Irish and FSC certified. It is superior in quality and can be used as a decorative mulch, as a weed suppressor or as an additive to increase the air filled porosity in growing mixes.
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Organic Range

Tippland Organic Compost, 2 bags for €12. Feeds plants up to 3 months. All our organic fertilisers are certified organic. Our organic range is made from a unique blend of organic fertilisers that are a naturally safe and effective way to feed plants. “Natural slow release so the benefits are long lasting”
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Professional Range

Tippland Horticulture is one of Irelands leading suppliers of growing media to commercial growers. The installation of a state of the art mixing line in 2007 has allowed Tippland to produce a range of ready mixed growing media for growers. The Tippland team can incorporate a range of additives to growing media mixes such as…
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soil enrichers

Soil Enrichers

Made from natural ingredients our soil enrichers add rich organic matter into the soil and are guaranteed to improve soil aeration, texture and structure.
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bird care

Sanctuary Wild Bird Care

A range of premium quality bird bird care that will attract a variety of birds into your garden. Our Quality guarantee ensures only the finest quality of ingredients are selected to provide your birds with all the essential nutrients they require for a balanced healthy diet.
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