Professional Mixes

Professional Nursery Mixes

Tippland Horticulture is one of Ireland’s premier suppliers of peat and growing media to commercial
growers. The company has a long established reputation in this market for its ability to produce highly
quality peat based products time after time.
The installation of a state of the art mixing line in 2007, has allowed Tippland Horticulture to produce:

  • A range of Irish peat products
  • A standard range of ready mixed growing media for specific crops
  • Customised growing media for growers with specific requirements

Tippland Horticulture professional mixes are offered in:

  • 3 cubic metres tote bags
  • 75ltr bags

The Tippland team can incorporate additives to growing media mixes:

  • Perlite.
  • Osmocote/Multicote
  • Stertilised Clay
  • Met 52/Intercept
  • Grit
  • Composted Bark
  • Sand
  • Wetting Agent
  • Green Waste
  • Base Fertiliser

Tippland is renowned for its ongoing technical support, with a knowledgeable and experienced
horticultural team that can work with customers to formulate customised growing media mixes
to exact specifications.