Bird Care

A range of premium quality bird care that will attract a variety of birds into your garden. Our Quality guarantee ensures only the finest quality of ingredients are selected to provide your birds with all the essential nutrients they require for a balanced healthy diet.

About Sanctuary

Sanctuary wild bird care was established to promote the importance of bird feeding and to formulate mixes to care for birds’ nutritional requirements.
Our wild birds are finding it increasingly difficult to survive as a result of Environmental changes. Intensive farming, drainage, and reclamation of land, replacement of native woodland with high-density pine plantations and land development are all contributing factors that have led to natural food sources becoming more and more limited.

Bird Feeding

Bird feeding is an integral part of our ecological system. Birds have many functions such as Pollinators, Seed Dispensers and nutrient deposition.
Feeding birds has many benefits such as:

Allowing people to interact and identify different species

Encourages breeding

Supplements birds natural diet which is vital to their survival especially in cold periods when harsh weather limits there food source

Salted Peanuts, processed snacks, uncooked rice and bacon rind should never be fed to birds as they can be fatal.

A regular supply of clean water is essential for drinking and bathing, especially in cold periods when they need to keep there plumage in top condition to help them fight the cold.
Stale food should be swept up and disposed of from feeding area. Feeders and tables should be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis to help prevent the spread of disease

Peanut Feeders

Wild Bird Seed Feeders

Fat Ball Feeders

Specialised Feeders