The Secret to successful growing is choosing the right Growing Media…


  Established in 1991, Tippland Horticulture is a leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor,
located in Co.Tipperary, Ireland. Tippland Horticulture manufacture and supply a range of
Professional and Retail Growing media, soil improvers, garden fertilisers and wild bird care


 Tippland Horticulture is an independantly owned and run Irish company that was founded in 1991. The companies head office is Terryglass, Nenagh in Co. Tipperary. Tippland also known as Tipperary Garden Peat Ltd was established to harvest and supply
premium quality Irish sod peat to growers in the Netherlands. After a number of years of supplying sod peat it became apparent that there was a clear and genuine demand for premium quality Irish Sphagnum Moss peat for growers and gardening enthusiast in Ireland. In the Autumn of 1993 the company bought its first bagging line and produced their first 80ltr bag of compost.

With advances in technology, increasing sales and motivated and friendly staff, Tippland Horticulture began to grow and develop. As Tippland Horticulture expanded so too did their product range now supplying a range of both Professional and retail composts along with peat, bark, soil improvers ,garden fertiliser and wild bird care products to retailers and professional growers both in the Irish and export market. Three decades later Tippland continues to manufacture growing media and has supplied over 10 million bags of compost throughout Ireland and overseas.

Tippland Horticulture prides themselves as an Irish company that provide competitive prices, reliable service and on time
deliveries time and time again.


Independently owned Irish Company supporting local jobs

Our Brands

Our Facilities

We are based at a purpose built factory located near Terryglass, in Co. Tipperary. Our Depot
include large holding yards, state of the art factory, warehousing plus we have our own transport
fleet and on the road sales and service team that covers the country.

Our Peat bogs are a valuable natural resource that we are committed to safeguarding endeavour  to protect.

At Tippland we have a strict policy of extracting peat responsibly and in an enviromentally acceptable manner. All peat is sourced from non SSSI sites, which are ethically and enviromentally managed to support re-growth.
Responsible enviromental protection and sustainable development form part of our core values at Tippland

As part of our strategic objectives and actions for implementation we :

  • Actively invest in Research and development for sustainable alternatives to peat
  • Only Extract peat from Non SSSI sites
  • Implemented Cultural and biological techniques
  • Follow guidelines as set out by IPA
  • Dilute peat products where possible with sustainable alternatives
  • Have a regeneration plan for our peat bogs

Environmentally Friendly

Here at Tippland respect for nature is at the forefront of our operations

  • We strive to produce sustainable growing media in an environmentally acceptable manner. Our goal is to work towards a greener future. Producing growing media in a sustainable manner is an integral part of our business. We actively use peat free alternatives where possible.. bio alternatives  such as coir, woodfibre and bark. 
  • All our packaging is recyclable and sourced from recycled material where possible


Wheather its 100% peat , peat reduced or peat free your looking for we have got it covered!

Producing peat free alternatives is a challenge we embrace and the use of Sustainable natural resources is at the forefront of our business.