Our Products

Bark Range

Our Natural decorative Bark mulch is 100% guaranteed Irish and FSC certified. It is superior in quality and can be used as a decorative mulch, as a weed suppressor, or as an additive to increase the air-filled porosity in growing mixes.

Moss Peat Range

100% Irish Sphagnum Moss peat. Irish Moss Peat is available in 3 grades: Fine, medium and coarse grade. It can be used for raising levels of beds and borders ,as a growing medium when fertiliser is added, as a soil improver, weed suppresser and for repairing divots in lawns.

Compost Range

At Tippland Horticultre our team go to great lenghts to source only the finest quality ingredients for our substrates. All our compost have been tried and tested and are guaranteed to deliver exceptional results

Soil Improvers

Made from natural ingredients our soil enrichers add rich organic matter into the soil and are guaranteed to improve soil aeration, texture and structure.’

Organic Range

Nature at your fingertips! Our organic products are produced from 100% natural ingredients. We use a unique blend of organic fertilisers that are a naturally safe and effective way to feed plants

Seaweed Range

Natural seaweed adds vital nutrients, minerals and trace elements to encourage healthier plants with stronger roots, vibrant shoots and even bigger blossoms.



Tippland Horticulture is one of Irelands leading suppliers of growing media to commercial growers. The installation of a state of the art mixing line in 2018 has allowed Tippland to produce a range of ready mixed growing media for growers.

Bird Care

Sanctuary™ The home of quality feed, specialises in wild bird mixes. Sanctuary wild bird mixes are blended using only the
finest quality of natural seeds, pulses and grains.